DiFrancesco Meadery

Where we delight in providing the highest quality and best tasting mead. Sometimes referred to as ‘honey wine’, mead is distinct in that it uses honey as opposed to fruit juice as a primary source of sugar during fermentation.  Mead has the ability to be prepared with a great range of sweetness- from very dry, to that of an aperitif. Alcohol content also varies and can compare to a session style beer or to a fortified port wine.

Thanks to the combination of our friends, our fans and the rapidly growing popularity of mead, what began as a modest passion has developed very quickly into a humble, small batch operation. Staying true to our roots, we prefer to focus on quality rather than quantity. Many of our recipes require time to reach prime maturity before being tabled, and as a result, our selection is currently limited.

Visit our Where to Find Us page and stop by one of our valued retailers so you can experience a glass of DiFrancesco Mead for yourself.

Pandemic Update:  Our patio is open for service, however it is a PLCB requirement to order a meal with your beverage, ostensibly to stop the spread of coronavirus.  Saturdays we are serving meatball and sausage sandwiches, and other days will be pot luck.  Meal prices will never exceed $4.

Our tasting room is open for take-away of  mead by the bottle and growler fills.  We ask all customers to wear a mask unless seated.  Please check back for more updates as the directives change.

Thank you!